Cindy DeCarolis

Back To School With Essential Oils

This is an excerpt from my podcast interview with essential oil expert Vanessa Hansen, taped on August 12, 2021

CD: Vanessa, how did you first become interested in essential oils?

VH: I first discovered essential oils about 11 years ago. I was living in Rochester, my husband was in graduate school, and I had just had my third baby. I developed chronic sinus issues.

I went to Lori’s Natural Foods and asked for help. The employee told me to try oregano oil. I looked at the wall of oils and I was overwhelmed. I asked which oregano oil I should use – he just shrugged and gave me the store brand. It worked; I got better!

Sometime later I was at home in Southern Utah, having sinus issues again. I bought oregano oil and had a horrible experience. The oil actually eroded my ear. I knew essential oils had power and I knew they were not all created equal.

I continued to educate myself about essential oils. I learned that it is critical that the essential oils you use be 100 percent pure. I also learned how to use them safely and effectively.

CD: When you first discovered essential oils you had three small children. You now have four children. Tell us a little bit about your kids.

VH: My oldest is my son, he is 18, and I have three daughters, 15, 11, and 8. We are all musical. My kids each play the piano plus another instrument. My son wants to pursue a career in music. My oldest daughter is very driven and focused on grades. My 11-year-old is my wise child and my youngest is pure sunshine.

CD: How did your approach to caring for your children change after you discovered essential oils?

VH: With my two oldest kids I followed a typical allopathic medicine path. We went to the doctor and did what they told us to do. We were lucky that our kids didn’t have any big illnesses.

I transitioned to using the oils as I learned more. At first it was just let’s try this. I had ten oils and a reference book. It made me feel empowered. I raised my two youngest on essential oils.

All four of my kids use essential oils all of the time. They know what they like and what makes them feel better. I use diffusers in my home. This allows me to give them the oils I think they need on a given day.

CD: What is in your essential oil back to school kit for your kids?

VH: Always OnGuard protective blend for immune support and protecting them emotionally. If I run out of OnGuard I diffuse Holiday Joy, which has a similar chemical profile.

Adaptive calming blend to support anxious feelings and to empower them to deal with uncertainty. Wild orange, the oil of abundance, and peppermint because it always smells good. I like to diffuse a healing blend of thyme, lemon, and peppermint.

For my older kids I have Digestzen digestive blend and Breathe respiratory blend for things that might hit. They choose oils from the Emotional Wellness Kit to support themselves emotionally.

My two younger kids each have their own set of the kids blends. The bottles are color coded making them safe and easy for kids to use. The Stronger blend offers intense emotional support. Tamer supports digestion. Steady is similar to Balance grounding blend.

CD: Vanessa, I always like to leave listeners with three simple strategies. You have offered so much useful information and advice. How would you summarize it all?

VH: Well, first of all, take care of yourself. You are giving up a lot to raise good human beings. Nurture who you are and give yourself lots of grace. A therapist told me that all kids need is to feel safe and loved. Everything else is gravy.

Here are my three simple strategies:

Begin with yourself and learn before you introduce them to your family. A simple way is to choose a few essential oils that resonate with you and diffuse them in your home. Incidentally, everyone will benefit!
For your kids diffuse OnGuard protective blend every morning before school to provide immune support.
Be intentional, keep it simple, and build as you learn.

Thank you, Vanessa, for sharing your story and your wisdom. I am grateful to have you as a friend and mentor. Thank you to all who read my column and follow me on social media.

Peace, bliss, and balance…

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