Cindy DeCarolis

What Makes Me Feel Old

Two weeks ago I turned 57. While I have friends my age who talk about feeling “old” I generally don’t feel old. I don’t really feel like the number has any connection to me. I don’t feel like my age places limitations on what I can or cannot do. However, there is one thing that makes me feel old – technology!

Going to work was much easier in the ’90’s. Before e-mail, smart phones, and social media. You had a little time to reflect and think out an appropriate response to questions or complaints, giving you time to take the emotion out of your reaction. In today’s world reactions are immediate and often, emotional. This is not always a good thing.

When it comes to technology I am a “late adapter.” I have been marketing Blissfull Balance LLC on Facebook only for a couple of years. Sometimes being there really stresses me out. I see other people using Facebook in really creative ways and I feel panic. Panic that I don’t have the skills to produce the kind of graphics and posts I see others using. And fear that there is not enough room for me in the marketplace.

Recently, I had a revelation that my business is my business. I don’t have to run it the way anyone else runs their business. I have my owns style. I would rather work with closely clients who value what I have to offer than cast a wide net for lots of clients without the personal relationships. I want my business to grow organically in a way that is sustainable – even if it grows more slowly than others.

This is who I am – someone who is more interested in making a great impact on fewer people than having a superficial impact on many.

Peace, bliss, and balance…

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