Cindy DeCarolis

Skin Care at Every Age

CD: What are the basic steps of good skin care?

KY: Firstly, cleanse your skin at least once a day. Next exfoliate, daily if you are using a gentle exfoliant or weekly if you are using a coarser product.

Although masques are also important, many people skip this step because it is time consuming. At least once or twice a week apply your masque at night. Sleeping with it on allows the time needed to get the nutrients and antioxidants from the masque into your skin. Follow-up with a serum.

Masques and serums have the highest concentration of active ingredients, so these products are used to make changes to your skin and for anti-aging. Cleanser, toner, and moisturizer are your daily maintenance products.

You follow-up your serum with a toner. Toner helps your moisturizer to last longer and balances the pH of your skin. Next you use a moisturizer, which is essential, even for oily skin. There are lighter formulas and gels that will absorb quickly to hydrate the skin so that your brain doesn’t send a signal to produce more sebum.

Eye care products are also important and it is vital to use a 30 SPF sunscreen everyday to prevent sun damage. This sounds like a lot of products, but if you are using good quality products they are very concentrated and you need only a very small amount of each product.

CD: What are your favorite skin care products?

KY: We use Eminence Organics at Body & Face. It’s a professional grade line; I’ve used it myself for 13 years and at the spa since we opened. I love it. The ingredients are all organically grown and hand-picked. The products are manufactured in Vancouver and shipped directly to the spas that use Eminence Organics. The quality is excellent. I never feel like I have to sell because they sell themselves. I also carry doTerra, they have some excellent essential oils for the skin as well as other skin care products that I incorporate.

CD: Let’s talk about skin care throughout your life. When should you begin and what changes are necessary as you age?

KY: Teens should at least cleanse and moisturize their skin so they get used to the regimen. In your 20’s start looking at prevention, maybe add an eye product and look to better quality products. In the 30’s it is still about prevention, but also adjusting to hormonal changes, especially for women.

Each decade you may add a few products. The older you get the more you focus on moisturizing and corrective products. At any age, the number one priority is protecting your skin from the sun.

CD: Thank you, Kristin. This is great information. Do you have any final comments?

KY: Be preventative, take the time to take good care of your skin, and use good products.

CD: If you live in the Rochester, New York area I recommend driving down to Geneseo for a facial at Body & Face by Kristin! Thank you for sharing your expertise with us today, Kristin.

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