Cindy DeCarolis

Simple Strategies For Healthy Holidays

Simple Strategy #1: Manage Holiday Stress

• Plan ahead for holiday shopping and events. Mark the date and time on your calendar and be sure it’s during a time that doesn’t cause you more stress!
• Create a strategy for last minute invitations. Decide how many events you can and will attend and regretfully decline if you need a break!
• Maintain your healthy routines as much as possible.
• Get your sleep. Going to sleep and waking at the same time every day, helps you both mentally and physically!
• Make sure to make time for yourself and for your family. Keep time reserved for those special family traditions with your intimate family.
• Use stress release techniques: meditation, tapping, essential oils, etc.

Simple Strategy #2: Eat Healthy

• Don’t go to parties hungry! Be sure to eat beforehand so you don’t arrive starving. Even just a bowl of soup or a smoothie an hour before will help fill you up with healthy choices!
• Bring a favorite healthy dish to gatherings. This guarantees there’s at least one thing you can eat that will help you stay on track with your healthy lifestyle choices!
• Fill your plate with 75% healthy options and 25% indulgences.
• Be selective—indulge in your favorites and leave the rest!

Simple Strategy #3: Stay Hydrated

• Have one glass of water upon waking.
• Drink a glass of water 15 to 30 minutes before each meal.
• At parties, drink a glass of water for every alcoholic beverage you consume.
• Keep a water bottle (glass or stainless steel) with you and sip throughout the day.

Simple Strategy #4: Just Move

• Maintain your exercise routine as much as possible. If you have a scheduling conflict due to busy holidays, reschedule it for another time during the week rather than missing all together!
• Create a “kill two birds with one stone” workout. For instance, walk the dog somewhere that has a more hilly terrain to get your heart pumping.
• After eating a large meal take a stroll to stimulate digestion. Just a simple, leisurely walk after meals can make all the difference!
• Get outside. Fresh air is great to clear your mind and renew your body!

Simple Strategy #5: Have Fun!

• Don’t be too rigid – allow yourself to indulge. It’s all about balance! If you decide to have your grandma’s famous pie—enjoy it! Just make other healthy choices throughout the day to make up for it!
• Be grateful for all that you have. Remembering what we have to be thankful for fosters a heart of gratitude.
• Do something for someone else. Getting our eyes on the needs of others helps decrease anxiety and depression!
• Enjoy time with family and friends and laugh a lot! Laughter is the best medicine.

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