Cindy DeCarolis

Should You Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone?

As you may know, I am a doTerra Wellness Advocate and this comprises one piece of Blissful Balance LLC. I sell doTerra essential oils and educate people about their oils and their safe and effective use. One of my favorite things about working with doTerra is the focus on personal and leadership development for Wellness Advocates.

I have heard many leaders say, “get out of your comfort zone” and “success lies just beyond your comfort zone.” Based on my personal experience I have come to believe that getting out of your comfort zone is not always helpful or even appropriate.

For example, one piece of advice that I have heard is to talk to everyone you meet about doTerra. Then the person speaking will usually go on to use an example of how they met some random stranger, told them about doTerra and that person then immediately enrolled as a wholesale member, joined their team as a Wellness Advocate, and has now reached the highest rank in the company.

I don’t doubt that these stories are true. However, I believe that talking to random strangers is well within the comfort zone of the person telling the story and therefore, authentic, which led to a successful outcome.

Talking to random strangers is not in my comfort zone. But being told that I needed to get out of my comfort zone and talk to everyone I met led me to do just that. I would be in Wegmans or Lori’s Natural Foods and see someone looking at essential oils, so I would go up to them and say “Hey, I’m having an essential oils class, would you like to come?”

Since this behavior is way outside my comfort zone it was not authentic, and I came across (I believe) as weird and creepy. Whether those random strangers thought I was weird and creepy or not, I never had one of those people become a customer.

On the other hand, there are times when it does make sense to get out of your comfort zone. We all have things that we like about our jobs and things that we don’t like. If the things that you don’t like are required to do your job well, get promoted, or achieve your goals, then it makes sense to gain those skills.

A few years ago, doTerra began working with Gallup, Inc. to bring Strengths Based Leadership and the CliftonStrengths 34 training to its employees and Wellness Advocates. Don Clifton, the inventor of Clifton StrengthsFinder, based his work on the premise that your strengths don’t determine what you can do. He believed that anyone can do anything. Your strengths determine how you will accomplish anything. Using your top strengths, you will be at your best and most authentic. Using your bottom strengths breeds mediocrity.

I have taken the assessment and my top five strengths are: harmony, adaptability, belief, input, and learner. My bottom five are: woo, analytical, competition, restorative, and command. People with woo love the challenge of meeting new people, breaking the ice, and making a connection with someone. Given that woo is in my bottom five it is not surprising that talking to random strangers was not fruitful for my business.

I am at my best when people reach out to me and ask for help. I am happy to listen to their needs, spend as much time with them as necessary, and offer them the best advice and solution that I have. This also happens to align with my top five strengths.

So, to answer the question that I started with – should you get out of your comfort zone? The answer – it depends on the situation.

If getting out of your comfort zone also takes you out of your strengths, then no, stay in your comfort zone. Otherwise you will become inauthentic and the work will feel hard.

If you can get out of your comfort zone and still stay true to your strengths, then by all means go ahead. It is great to extend yourself and expand your knowledge and skills. If you are working within your strengths, you will always be authentic, and the work will be joyful.

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