Cindy DeCarolis

Preparing Myself

As I prepare myself for turning 60 in four years I have been focusing on consistent healthy lifestyle habits that will strengthen me physically to prevent those so called “old age” diseases. I do not believe that merely getting older predetermines your health. I also do not believe that genetics determines your future health status. My dad was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes when he was about my age. He struggled with it for the rest of his life.

In February 2015, right before my dad died, I went to a holistic physician. This physician took a much more personal history from me and ordered more extensive blood work than physicians I have gone to in the past. After reviewing the results of my blood, she determined that I have the MTHFR genetic mutation, extremely low vitamins B and D, and numbers for indicators for diabetes that were too high. Because of my dad’s history I was especially concerned about the diabetes.

For the past year I have been working on increasing my vitamin B and D levels and decreasing the numbers for diabetes indicators. At my last doctor’s appointment my vitamin B and D levels were back to normal. The numbers for diabetes indicators were still slightly elevated.

The number one thing that increases these numbers is sugar. My dad had a sweet tooth and I have one, too. My dad started using Splenda (recommended by his doctors.) I kept telling him that Splenda was not a healthy alternative, but he wouldn’t listen. He died of leukemia. Splenda has been linked to leukemia.

My strategy is not to replace sugar with unhealthy alternatives, but to overcome my sugar addiction. On August 1st (after eating chocolate on vacation and slipping back into the sugar cravings) I began my 31 day Summer Olympic No Sugar Challenge – no sugar and no sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, stevia) at all. Eight days in and I have been consistent in not eating any sugar or natural sweeteners. I have lost the cravings and I am feeling better already.

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