Cindy DeCarolis

On Feeling Pretty

In 2011, I lost my job and since then I have not had a full-time job. I have done a variety of things – taught cycling classes and yoga classes, grant writing consulting, part-time job with a small nonprofit, and pursuing my wellness business, Blissful Balance LLC. Because I mostly work from home I am usually in workout clothes and no makeup. And if I have to go out during the day I go out like this – no wonder I have been feeling like I am in my frumpy fifties!

That makes me think of my mom. When I was growing up if my mom was going to leave the house to go anywhere – even to pick up the swim team carpool – she would say, “just let me go comb my hair.” Then she would go upstairs and come back down with her hair in place, make-up on, and wearing a real outfit. Next week she will have her 79th birthday and she still never leaves the house without being groomed and dressed.

I am taking a page out of my mom’s book – I am striving not to leave the house without at least putting on makeup base, mascara, and lip gloss. I still usually wear workout clothes, but I make sure that I have showered and put on clean clothes (as opposed to wearing the workout clothes that I worked out in that morning). It just makes me feel better about myself – and prettier!

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