Cindy DeCarolis

Living Life With Purpose

A number of years ago I gave up making “resolutions.” I do have goals of what I want to accomplish in my business this year and I always place emphasis on living a healthy life, but when it comes to assessing my life at the new year I have shifted from resolutions to “intentions.” By definition the word intention implies deliberation and purpose.

Where a goal is very specific and you either accomplish it or you don’t, intention is broader. An intention is something that can be infused into every moment and every activity in your life. Intention is not something that you can check off of your to do list, it is bigger than that. It becomes a practice, it becomes something that you think about each day, something that you come back to when you realize that you have let it slide. There is no failing with intention, you just keep coming back. Each year I synthesize my intention into one word – my word of 2017 is “spaciousness.”

The end of 2016 got very busy for me and I found myself feeling stressed, anxious, and not having enough time. I began to realize that the more I fretted about being too busy and not having enough time, the less time I had and the more anxious I felt.

Spaciousness will give me permission and freedom to not be too busy. I know that if I stop for a moment, take a breath and clear my head, and focus on the present moment and the task at hand, I can create the space to do what I need to do, or not do, if allowing myself to just be is what I happen to need.

Best wishes for a 2017 filled with peace, bliss, and balance!

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