Simple Strategies For Restful Sleep

Are you one of the millions of Americans suffering from poor sleep? Approximately 130 million Americans say that they have difficulty sleeping.

Musings on Being 60

A few musings on being 60 I started writing this blog five years ago when I turned 55 and suddenly felt the weight of 60 bearing down on me.

Skin Care at Every Age

Recently I sat down with Kristin Young, founder and owner of Body & Face by Kristin in Geneseo, New York to talk about good skin care at every age.

Practicing Safe Sun

I have always loved being outdoors and sitting in the sun with a good book.

Ageless Beauty

“If you define beauty as an expression of elegance and sophistication, beauty has no age” – Isabella Rossellini

Preparing Myself

As I prepare myself for turning 60 in four years I have been focusing on consistent healthy lifestyle habits

On Feeling Pretty

In 2011, I lost my job and since then I have not had a full-time job.