Cindy DeCarolis

Being In The Moment

I think I have found the secret to being in the moment – it’s vacationing!

This summer my husband and I traveled in Italy with his family. It was the experience of a lifetime. We started on the Amalfi Coast, then went to Florence, the Umbria region, and ended in Rome. Then we spent 48 hours in Dublin on our way home. Everyday was packed full from morning to night.

I have always been a daydreamer and my mind is often in a completely different place than where I am physically. But an amazing thing happened in Italy – a few days into the trip I realized that I had not been in my head at all. I was not thinking about work, or worrying about past situations or future problems. I was completely present and enjoying every moment. I was noticing sites, sounds, smells, views, art and architecture, food, people – everything around me. It was fantastic!

Even after years of practicing meditation I find I have to remind myself to pay attention the the moments of my days. So I asked myself, how can I continue to have the complete focus on my surroundings that I experienced in Italy in my everyday life? While it would be wonderful to always be on vacation and exploring new places, life just doesn’t work that way.

I think that so much of daily life is routine that not paying attention becomes easy. My intention going forward is to bring more mindfulness into the moments of my days by bringing in new experiences. These might be as simple as taking a new route or trail when I walk Barry or trying new recipes. Or it might be a bigger challenge like learning a new language – maybe Italian for our next trip to Italy.

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