Cindy DeCarolis


Back in the 1980’s when I was in my twenties there was an article (I think it was in TIME magazine) about being a “superwoman,” the premise was that women could “have it all.” I remember thinking at the time that women might be able to have it all, but not all at the same time. How could you balance it all – marriage, family, career, friendships, exercise, social life… without something being shortchanged?

Since the 80’s I believe that the pressure on women to be a “superwoman” and to “have it all” has only become greater. At the same time, now there is also pressure to maintain balance in your life. As I began conducting wellness workshops focused on handling stress I realized that one of the things causing stress (for women and men) was this pressure to live a balanced life. I think it is the word balance – it implies that you are giving equal time and effort to everything.

Since I had that epiphany I have stopped talking about living a balanced life, instead focusing on living life in harmony. To me this means moving with the ebb and flow of life. There are times when you will have family issues that require more time and attention than work, so maybe you have to take some vacation time to take care of your family. Other times you might have a big project or deadline at work that requires more time and attention there, so maybe you have to work late and let another caregiver put your kids to bed.

The trick is learning to sail through these ebbs and flows knowing that you are doing the best that you can to give everyone and everything the time and attention that they deserve without feeling guilty, or like a failure, if you can’t give it all 100 percent all of the time.

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